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Device Interface Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, DIS Tech is the #1 advanced PCB supplier to the interface hardware market, each year releasing >600 new designs and delivering >4000 sets to our customers.

DIS Tech provides highly complex interfaces with a class-leading first pass quality rate and consistent on-time delivery.

Our customers trust us to bring their device into production on time and keep it running.

DIS Tech also offers Bin 1 services to minimize the installation time and maximize first-pass quality of delivered interface hardware, and in-production tools to monitor the health of your DIBs, provide diagnostic information related to any detected defects, and maximize the manufacturing lifetime of your expensive probe heads.

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Why are complex device manufacturers turning to DIS Tech?

DIS Tech understands complex devices and delivers a lower cost of ownership solution for our customers.
To achieve the best test economics, we prioritize performance. Performance means maximizing power and signal integrity for higher parallelism, better IC yields and faster test (scan clock rate).
We deliver quality which means defect free hardware on the first day and higher up-times throughout production.

DIS Tech is committed to reliable On-time Delivery (OTD) for both New Product Introductions (NPIs) and repeat orders which allow our customers to plan productions ramps and support their end customer demand.
We focus on efficient development and manufacturing to support shorter lead times and we meet the requirements, on the first attempt, to support first wafer validations and volume production ramps. Complex device manufacturers turn to DIS Tech because we consistently deliver on each of these critical elements which allows them to achieve a lower cost of ownership.

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Solutions from Wafer through Packaging

The die contained in a packaged semiconductor device is tested in wafer form at probe test and then tested at final test after packaging.

Wafer test

For wafer test, DIS Tech provides the expertise to produce DIBs that meet the test cell requirements for the probe needle interface to be extremely flat, provide the ability to handle high pin count and high site count devices, deliver the performance of the tester signals, and be able to accommodate the fine pin pitch requirements of the die.

Final test

At final test, the interface board needs to withstand the high insertion forces exhibited when devices are inserted into the contactors while meeting the high pin count, high site count and signal integrity requirements of today and tomorrow’s test applications.

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DIS Tech Design & Manufacturing System

We understand the importance of shorter cycle times and better yields in device manufacturing — which is why DIS Tech is focused on designing for manufacturing and reliability. We deliver a high first pass board yield so you can plan on a predictable delivery and installation schedule to support your IC bring-up and volume production ramp.


Total Cost of Ownership focus

What makes DIS Tech different is we support our customers by focusing on maximizing our performance, quality, and On-Time delivery which results in advantages both for time – avoiding delayed product launches, and yield – avoiding lower performance device limits and specs. Efficient complex device test delivers a lower TCO and that’s why device manufacturers turn to DIS Tech for their high-complexity interface hardware needs.

DIS Tech’s Formula for Success

DIS Tech’s goal is to be the most trusted test interface solution partner to customers across the semiconductor industry.