FusionLink is an advanced interface architecture that combines the best manufacturing technologies & processes to redefine what’s possible for your test strategy.

What is FusionLink?

FusionLink is an advanced interface solution architecture aimed at revolutionizing what is possible in test. FusionLink combines the best-in-class design and manufacturing technologies & processes available to allow your interface solution to be optimized for your specific testing requirements and achieve higher power densities, faster signal delivery, and reliable on-time deliveries. The FusionLink architecture is able to benefit both Probe Cards and Final Test Boards.

It is the result of years of cross-functional research and development finalized with the acquisition of DIS Tech. With this combined expertise, Technoprobe and DIS Tech introduce FusionLink as the most sophisticated and efficient interface solution to address the increasingly challenging electrical and mechanical needs of the test market and delivering unparalleled value in both wafer level and final test.

Technoprobe will utilize the FusionLink architecture for next generation advanced Probe Cards. DIS Tech will develop and offer the most advanced Final Test Interface boards available using this same architecture.

What are the key drivers that motivated
the creation of FusionLink?

It is well established that Test Interface complexity increases at a consistent rate in what we call “2×4 scaling” – 2 times the pins, 2 times the performance, every 4 years. This trend is driven by customer device functionality and performance increasing due to Moore’s Law for semiconductors.

The leading AI and HPC semiconductor companies have invested heavily in new fabrication and packaging technologies. We saw the need to develop new design and manufacturing technologies to enable the most advanced test interfaces to match those customers test needs which lead us to create FusionLink.

Technoprobe has invested in critical research and development for many years in core technologies to design and manufacture key pieces in the FusionLink architecture. With the recent acquisitions of DIS Tech and Harbor Electronics, the remaining key enabling technologies and processes to complete FusionLink are now in place.

We are leveraging and integrating the very best people, processes and tools across all the Technoprobe group companies to bring to market the interface solutions our customers need now and into the future.


What is the origin of the FusionLink name?


Fusing together multiple technologies into a fully integrated test interface solution


Linking a high performance semiconductor device to a high performance test system

What are the technologies
in FusionLink?

FusionLink integrates advanced technologies found in semiconductor packaging along with advanced materials. It also extends into new innovations in the design process to achieve best-in-class results in a shorter lead time.

This is complemented with new technologies to support fabrication, assembly, and verification that result in a fully functional product which the customer can utilize when it arrives. We have fundamentally re-engineered the entire development cycle in creating FusionLink.

How is FusionLink different from a traditional
test interfaces using PCB and Substrates?

Test interfaces by nature are unique due to their many specialized requirements. It is now common to have a large size tester format with 112 Gbps serial channels and hundreds to thousands of Amps of current delivery in a single design. Designs using traditional PCB manufacturing are limited in layer count, minimum feature size, and material choices. This can compromise the ability to manufacture the interface hardware and ultimately adds risk to the test quality of the customer devices, especially for the high-end AI and HPC processors now entering the market.

FusionLink unlocks performance & quality gains that will improve customers’ manufacturing efficiency while accelerating time to market.


The competitive advantages
of FusionLink

We engineered FusionLink to enable our customers get the best performance, highest quality and most especially a faster time to market. Customers have had to compromise on one or more of those key points for too long. FusionLink means they can finally get the interfaces they want and need from a partner they can trust.


the best performance


highest quality


faster time to market